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Welcome To Ziering UK

As a hair transplant practice, we lead the hair restoration industry with scientific innovation and serve our patients with compassion, providing them in-depth education about proven hair loss treatments and giving them an unsurpassed hair transplant patient experience.

We understand the life transforming impact of surgical hair restoration and take pride in being as passionate about your hair loss as you are.

Hair Transplant Patient Photos and Testimonials

2812 Grafts – 9 Months Post Op

7 Months Post Op

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3501 Grafts – 8 Months Post Op

2024 Grafts – 5 Months Post Op

2510 Grafts – 8 Months Post Op

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For about a year or so, I had noticed progressive loss of hair on my crown and my hairline was receding and getting thinner. I came across Ziering quite quickly in my search and decided to email them. As a doctor myself, I was fairly cautious. After a brief and very comfortable conversation with one of their patient liaisons I met Mr. Edward Ball. Bear in mind that I am probably a little older than he, and have basically undergone the same core medical training he has so it is no small thing that I found him exceptionally knowledgeable, easy to talk to and understanding of my ‘perspective’ on my own hair loss. It’s worth pointing out (as a digression) that age does not always equate to experience. In fact in my experience, younger doctors are often more familiar with current trends and research and given the ‘right’ type, they are likely to be meticulous to a fault. Mr. Ball was clearly the ‘right’ type.

Mr. Ball’s team was thoroughly professional throughout and was constantly checking that I was ok. I think it’s a testament to Mr. Ball’s skill that the whole procedure was entirely painless. Let me be straight – I have administered local anaesthetic many times… in about 3 seconds. Mr. Ball took a full 45 minutes to carefully drip anaesthetic along a line on the back of my scalp where the donor hairs were coming from and by the time they were ready to make the first incision, my scalp was completely numb. The entire operation was extremely professional. I had my grafts done in November – by Christmas they had all disappeared as is expected. I may have been lucky, I don’t know, but by February all of a sudden new hairs were sprouting and by March I could part my hair without that tell tale high hairline at the sides. It’s September now, and my hair is completely different. I have a better hairline than I did when I was 25. I treat myself now every 5 weeks to going to a proper men’s hairstylist who has several clients who have had hair procedures. It’s strange – even now I find myself in the morning admiring the work that was done (definitely makes you more vain!) and I can do things like gel my hair back, 1920′s style if I want to without it making me look thin on top.

Even my best friend, who spends all day doing plastic surgery was extremely impressed with the work – he has to search through my hair at the back to find the scar and even then, its more through ‘feel’ than actually seeing it. As a doctor myself, I can without hesitation recommend Mr. Ball.


Before reaching out to Ziering medical I had been researching hair transplants and the industry for around 4 years. So by the time I came to Ziering I knew I was in the hands of the industry leaders and expected a top quality & professional service. My expectations were exceeded.

On the morning of the surgery I must admit I was pretty nervous about the day, however Dr Ball made me feel immediately relaxed and introduced me to his team all of which were personable and very helpful. I was made to feel more relaxed than if I were at the dentist.

Despite how much research I did and how prepared I was, I was still shocked at the incredible achievement that is needed in order to successfully complete a hair transplant procedure.

The whole day I was comfortable and confident in the hands of the team all of which showed clear passion in their part of the process and took pride in their work. The procedure was a clock work operation.

Dr Ball has an excellent eye for framing the face with the hairline and also preparing the sites for the grafts. This is not lost on the team and the attention to detail carried through to the last few tweaks of the last graft inserted.

I could not be happier with the final result and will return to the Hammersmith clinic for any future procedures. Should any of my friends, family or associates be interested in a consultation I will be happy to refer them to the Hammersmith clinic.

Thank you very much for your hard work.


I am very impressed by the dedication and friendliness of the team lead by Dr. G Krishnan. The nurses are very friendly and atentive to patient’s needs.

I have so far been very pleased with the procedure by Dr. Gr Krishnan and his fantastic team.

J Liang

I first began to notice my hair loss 5 years ago. To see changes in the appearance of my balding hair, I felt helpless, depressed and unattractive. I tried numerous ‘over the counter’ tablets which promised to both prevent further hair loss and to promote hair growth. I also had a very expensive laser treatment. All of which were unsuccessful. I then resorted to a “Hair System” which again was very expensive to have initially and to maintain it.

I then saw a video of the celebrity Jason Gardiner on Youtube and decided to book myself in for a consultation with Kevin in Bristol. Kevin explained how the hair transplant would take place and hair transplantation involved.

Five months prior to my consultation, I went ahead and had the procedure. The staff were friendly, helpful and professional. Dr. Christian was very sympathetic in understanding how my hair loss had affected my life. I can not thank the staff enough.

Having had my hair transplant, feel as though I have a new lease of life. My confidence has soared and I finally feel attractive again. I am thrilled with the results. I cannot recommend Ziering Medical highly enough. The staff and the procedure are fantastic and the results are life changing.


My experience with Dr. Ziering was excellent on every level. The initial personal consultation by his staff and then the surgical procedure performed by him and his assistants was with the highest level of professionalism and thoroughness.

Hard to imagine, but they actually make the one day procedure reasonably enjoyable by their very personal attention and encouraging you to watch box office movies of your choice throughout most of the day! The recovery period is very well explained and they are readily available to address any further questions after the procedure is completed. I have now had a few procedures by Dr. Ziering in order to achieve the final result I desired and I absolutely guarantee that no one knows, can visually detect or would believe I have had a hair transplant! I look many, many years younger as a result! It is very evident to me as to why he is so highly regarded in his field and without any reservation.

I highly recommend and endorse Dr. Ziering and his entire staff.

Brad B.

I first noticed that I was losing my hair at 20 years old. It was devastating when going out with friends and trying to meet girls. I spent a couple of years researching hair restoration procedures and going to many different doctors. I decided to go with Dr. Ziering. The staff was so kind, and the day of the procedure was a relaxing day away from my stressful life.

About 10 months after the procedure when I would meet girls out at the bars or clubs and I would take off my hat, they weren’t disappointed any more. Before the hair restoration procedure, they were a little bummed. I would talk to them and my personality would get them, but then I would take off the hat, and I would lose them. Now when I take off the hat the momentum keeps going. Thanks again Dr. Ziering and Staff!

Nicolas Rosen

I am going in for my third transplant operation from Ziering Medical August 15, 2009, and I can tell you that these procedures are the best investment that I have ever made for myself. It has improved my appearance 100% and makes me look years younger. For the record, the previous two procedures that Ziering Medical had performed on me were highly successful, as well as fully natural. You cannot and I repeat, you can not detect anywhere in my scalp that hair transplanting was performed.

Terry F.

I wanted to shoot you a quick email thanking you and Dr. Ziering for your help with my recent hair transplant procedure. I look forward to seeing the results materialize over the next year.

It was very inspiring to see the medical team’s commitment to excellence and artistry. Dr. Ziering has built an excellent medical team. I also have to thank you for your personal help answering all of my questions throughout the weeks leading up to my procedure. You made me feel as though I was receiving the VIP treatment which I appreciated.

Again, I want to thank you and Dr. Ziering for making this an enjoyable process. Without question, my expectations were exceeded!

Jeff M.

Making the decision after thirty years of wearing a hair system was an easy one. I investigated three leaders in the field of hair transplantation and Ziering overwhelmingly received the highest marks.

After my first procedure I continued to wear a system. My stylist, who was employed by a competitor of Ziering, commented that she didn’t think her team could do as good-a-job as Ziering had done.

That confirmed to me my decision to choose Ziering was right.

The physician and team performed an outstanding job. The procedure seemed so effortless on my part, but I know it was painstakingly difficult. Each member of the team performed to an elevated level.

I have completed three procedures and I am happy with the decision and the final result. In my humble opinion Ziering is the overall leader in the industry.

James Snarr

Featured Case Study: Jason Gardiner

Jason Gardiner

“Jason was an excellent hair restoration candidate. I applaud his willingness to share his experience in such a public manner because many people like him suffer with this condition in silence and are not sure what to do about it…”

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